SA / NT - Right Start Audit Program 2011

Date: 16 November 2011
Campaign type: State campaign
Number of businesses audited: 67
Money recovered: $1659
Campaign summary: Fair Work Inspectors have successfully completed the Right Start Audit Program. The aim of the program, which targeted new employers, was to provide information on the various services and tools FWO offers, to assist them meet their workplace obligations. Inspectors also assessed compliance with record keeping, pay slip and hourly rate of pay obligations. The results were encouraging with only two of the 67 employers audited found to have contraventions. A total of $1659 was recovered for 10 underpaid Northern Territory employees.
Campaign report: SA / NT - Right Start Audit Program 2011 (pdf 392KB) pdf icon

Hair & Beauty Follow Up Campaign 2011

Date: October 2011
Campaign type: Regional
Number of businesses audited: 13
Money recovered: $4508
Campaign summary: Northern Territory inspectors recently conducted a follow-up audit program in the hair and beauty industry. In addition to re-visiting 9 employers who were audited as part of the National Hair and Beauty Campaign 2009, five other businesses were selected for audit.

Of the 13 audits completed, we found 6(46%) to be compliant and 7(54%) to be in contravention. Of the nine businesses we re-audited, three employers previously found to have contraventions, were found to be compliant.  As a result of this audit program, we recovered $4508 for seven employees.
Campaign report: NT Hair & Beauty Follow-up Audit report (pdf 69KB) pdf icon
NT Hair & Beauty Follow-up Audit report (rtf 68KB) rtf icon

Katherine & Alice Springs Hospitality Industry Audit Program 2011

Date: 27 October 2011
Campaign summary: Acting upon concerns of suspected non compliance in the Northern Territory hospitality industry, the Fair Work Ombudsman implemented an audit program. Initially the hospitality audits were conducted in Darwin (See Mitchell St & Wharf Precinct Audit Program 2010 Report), however the audit program was extended to the NT regions of Katherine and Alice Springs.
The audits in Katherine and Alice Springs occurred in January and February 2011 and similar to the audits in Darwin, also assessed compliance with time and wage obligations. Of the 19 audits completed, four (21%) employers were found to have contraventions. The audit recovered in excess of $30 000 for 121 underpaid employees.
Campaign report: Final NT Hospitality Report (pdf 125KB) pdf icon

NT Darwin Caravan Park Audit Program

Date: July 2011
Campaign type: Territory
Number of businesses audited: 10
Money recovered: $16 206
Campaign summary: Recently, the Fair Work Ombudsman recovered over $25,000 in underpayments for 3 employees working for a Darwin Caravan Park business. Given the significant recovery and the possibility that there were other employees who had also been underpaid, Northern Territory Fair Work Inspectors conducted the Darwin Caravan Park Audit Program. Of the 10 employers audited, 3(30%) were found to have contraventions. To date the audit has recovered $16,206 for 13 employees.
Campaign report: NT Caravan Parks Audit Program Final Report (pdf 384KB) pdf icon

SA / NT Fair Work Information Statement Audit Program

Date: 8 February 2011
Campaign type: State
Campaign summary: South Australian and Northern Territory Fair Work Inspectors will be randomly targeting 150 businesses between February 2011 and July 2011 to assess their compliance with the provision of a Fair Work Information Statements to their new employees. Fair Work Information Statements form part of the 10 new minimum entitlements under the National Employment Standard. Inspectors will also be assessing compliance with record keeping and pay slip obligations for those employers who have not hired any staff since the commencement of the National Employment Standard, 1 January 2010.
Campaign result: SA / NT Fair Work Information Statement Final Report (pdf 295KB) pdf icon

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