Retail industry campaign results

National Clerical Workers Campaign

Date: 3 July 2012
Campaign type: National
Campaign summary: The Fair Work Ombudsman has recently completed the National Clerical Workers Campaign. The campaign targeted  accountancy and recruitment associated businesses as both of these sectors employ clerical staff covered by the Clerks (Private Sector) Award 2010 and importantly influence other businesses.

The aim was to ensure that clerical employees in these two sectors were receiving the correct entitlements.

Over 1650 employers had their records assessed for compliance. The majority of employers selected for assessment were from the accounting sector (65%).

Of the 1621 audits finalised, we found 1232 (76%) employers to be compliant and 389(24%) not be complying with their obligations.

The compliance rates varied amongst the sectors, with labour supply services being the most compliant (88%) and accounting services and office administrative services recording the lowest compliance level (73%).

The campaign has resulted in 280 underpaid employees being paid in excess of $171 000.
Campaign result: National Clerical Workers Camapign Report (pdf 1.3MB) pdf icon 

National Security Industry Follow-Up Campaign

Date: 5 May 2012
Campaign type: National
Campaign summary: Based on the findings of the 2009 National Security Industry Campaign, the Fair Work Ombudsman revisited the security industry to monitor and assess long term compliance with the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Fair Work Regulations 2009.

The three groups of employers we selected for assessment included those employers who we audited in 2009, employers we had recently investigated (or were in receipt of intelligence) and employers that had recently registered their security business. The audits assessed time and wage records and also examined contract for service arrangements.

Of the 392 completed audits it was found that 295 (75%) employers were compliant and 97 (25%) in contravention. The attached report provides a detailed breakdown of the overall findings and statistical findings by group and state.

The report also highlights an improvement in the level of compliance of those employers who were previously audited in the 2009 campaign.

As at February 2012, we have recovered $427,158 for 658 employees.
Campaign result: Final National Security Industry Follow-Up Campaign Report (pdf 1.77MB)pdf icon

National Retail Industry Campaign

Date: 15 November 2011
Campaign type: National
Campaign summary: The Fair Work Ombudsman has successfully completed the National Retail Industry Campaign. In planning the campaign we consulted widely with retail industry and union stakeholders about education strategies and materials most appropriate for the needs of the industry. Industry and union stakeholders included Australian Retailers Association (ARA), National Retail Association (NRA), National Independent Retailers Association (NIRA), United Retail Federation(URF), Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) and Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association (SDA).

A number of educational and promotional activities occurred during the information and awareness phase including the launch of the retail web page, correspondence being sent to approximately 20 000 industry employers and the distribution of fliers directing employers to the web page.

In February 2011, 2090 employers were selected for audit as part of the campaign. Of the 1866 audits which have been completed, 1374 (74%) employers were found to be compliant and 492 (26%) were in contravention. The majority of the contraventions identified related to the underpayment of wages. To date the campaign has recovered $585 399 for 755 employees.
Campaign result: Retail Industry Campaign Final Report (pdf 1.6MB) pdf icon


National Cleaning Services Campaign 2010

Date: 30 October 2010
Campaign type: National
Number of businesses audited: 315
Money recovered: $242 451
Campaign summary: The National Cleaning Services Campaign aimed to educate the contract cleaning industry about, and promote compliance with, the Cleaning Services Award 2010,  the Fair Work Act 2009, the Fair Work Regulations 2009, and the National Employment Standards (NES).

The education phase of the campaign commenced in September 2010, with the Fair Work Ombudsman directing employers and employees to the dedicated cleaning industry web page on the FWO’s internet site. In November 2010 Fair Work Inspectors commenced the audit phase of the campaign, assessing compliance with time and wage records. Fair Work Inspectors also examined contract for service arrangements.

Of the 315 finalised audits, we found 117 employers to be in contravention. Many, 53%, of the non compliant employers had monetary contraventions whilst 36% had non monetary contraventions.  A small number of non compliant employers (11%) had both monetary and non monetary contraventions.

In relation to examining contract for service arrangements, we have referred in excess of 60 matters to the FWO’s Sham Contracting Operational Intervention, whereby further investigations are being conducted regarding the contractual relationship.

As at 3 June 2011 the campaign has recovered $242,451 for 621 employees.
Campaign result: National Cleaning Services Campaign Final Report (pdf 524KB) pdf icon

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