July 2008

Back-pay for 27 staff at Cairns tavern
31 Jul 2008
Twenty-seven people working for a Cairns tavern have been reimbursed almost $39,000 following an investigation by the federal Workplace Ombudsman.
Fish and chip shop fined
29 Jul 2008
A Melbourne fish and chip shop has been fined $17,000 for paying two 14 and 15-year-old girls just $5 an hour.
173 staff to get back-pay
25 Jul 2008
A total of 173 staff working for a Sydney-based retailer will be reimbursed $247,000 after an investigation by the Workplace Ombudsman found they were being underpaid.
Roadside assistance company fined over staff underpayments
23 Jul 2008
A Sydney-based roadside services operator has been fined $115,000 for underpaying three of its workers.
Telstra investigation complete
18 Jul 2008
The Workplace Ombudsman has completed its investigation into claims that thousands of Telstra workers were placed under duress to sign Australian Workplace Agreements.
105 flower workers reimbursed
16 Jul 2008
More than 100 workers at a wholesale flower company on Brisbane’s northside will share $46,000 in back-pay following an investigation by the Workplace Ombudsman.
Penalty for spa resort
15 Jul 2008
The former operating company of a spa resort in Victoria’s Hepburn Springs region has been penalised for trying to pressure a worker into signing an Australian Workplace Agreement.
Workplace Ombudsman to visit NT
14 Jul 2008
Workplace Ombudsman Nicholas Wilson will be speaking at the Industrial Relations Society NT Annual Convention on August 22.
Work for no pay policy costs sports company $52,000
9 Jul 2008
National sports goods retailer A-Mart All Sports has been fined $52,800 for “strictly enforcing” a policy requiring staff in two of its Tasmanian stores to work for no pay.
Truckies get $34,500 back-pay
7 Jul 2008
Eleven Sunshine Coast truck drivers will share $34,458 in back-pay after an investigation into a local transport company.
Statement on Liquid Engineering
4 Jul 2008
The matter of the federal Workplace Ombudsman v Liquid Engineering 2003 P/L has been dismissed by the Western Australian Industrial Magistrate's Court on a technicality.

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