FWO eNewsletter issue 1

30 November 2011

Christmas parties - Tips for employers
A Christmas party is a great opportunity to celebrate all the great work that’s been done over the last year. However, you should be aware that employers are generally responsible for the health and safety of their staff at Christmas parties or events, just as they are when employees are carrying out their normal workplace activities.
Public holidays over Christmas and New Year
Each State and Territory in Australia has slightly different arrangements for the public holidays over Christmas and New Year. We have collated below the public holidays for each State and Territory for 2011 and 2012 over the Christmas period. We have also explained “substitute days” and “additional days.” You should check to make sure you are paying the legal minimum to your staff that are working over the period.
Shut downs over Christmas and New Year
Shut downs are when a business closes for a specific period of time, and all staff take some leave over that period. Many employers put their business into a temporary shut down over traditionally slow business periods, such as Christmas and New Year.
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