Part-time employee entitlements

Your part-time employees get the same hourly pay rate and conditions of employment as full-time employees performing the same type of work. You can use PayCheck Plus to help you calculate minimum wages and penalty rates for your employees.

Part-time employees also get a ‘pro rata’ amount of paid annual leave and personal leave.  Pro rata means a proportionate amount based on their ordinary hours of work.


Christopher is employed on a part-time basis as a vehicle salesperson, working 10 hours per week over 2 days each week.

Christopher is entitled to the same hourly rate as his full-time colleague for his ordinary hours of work.

After working in his position for 6 months, Christopher has accumulated 20 hours, or 2 weeks, of annual leave and 10 hours of personal leave. After 12 months, Christopher has 40 hours of annual leave and 20 hours of personal leave.  

You can find more information about your leave obligations in the Leave section.

When you hire a part-time employee, you need to come to a written agreement with them about a regular pattern of work. The regular pattern of work can be changed by agreement and must be in writing. Find out more about what this agreement needs to cover on the Part-time employee hours page.

When your part-time employees work outside their agreed hours of work, it is overtime and must be paid at overtime rates of pay. Visit the Overtime rates page for more information.

Note: The Vehicle Award provides special provisions for part-time employees who are employed to sell vehicles. Check clause 44 of the award for details.

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Page last updated: 16 Nov 2011